The rewarding system has been designed to encourage more contribution of our members in running our team activities.

Note: To be rewarded, you need to be first logged in here.


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How to Gain Points:

UserPoints Action
1p Visiting the Website /day
5p Presentation
1p Publishing a Topic
1p Replying a Post
3p Participating in an Event
5p Completing Profile
1p Minute Taker-Points


The Ranking System:

Rank NameDescription
BeginnerBase rank.
BronzeMust have at least 50p.
SilverMust have at least 150p.
GoldMust have at least 300p.
PlatiniumMust have at least 500p.
DiamondMust have at least 1000p.
MasterMust have at least 2500p.
Rank NameDescription


The First 10-Top Users:

Position User UserPoints
1 Daryoush Mortazavi Daryoush Mortazavi (Beginner) 0p
2 Amirpouyan Harandi Amirpouyan Harandi (Beginner) 0p
3 Mehrdad Rostami Mehrdad Rostami (Beginner) 0p
4 Mehrdad Tirandazian Mehrdad Tirandazian (Beginner) 0p
5 Behzad Moshiri Behzad Moshiri (Beginner) 0p
6 Sara Attar Sara Attar (Beginner) 0p
7 Kyarash Shahriari Kyarash Shahriari (Beginner) 0p
8 Alireza Nezhad Alireza Nezhad (Beginner) 0p
9 Avatar Keivan Torabi (Beginner) 0p
10 Avatar Behnam Sadri (Beginner) 0p
Position User UserPoints